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If you do not want to list your name, please write "anonymous" in first name and where you live as either "Israel" "West Bank" or "Gaza" in last name
give a title subject to your injustice report. For example, "Cultural Incompetence in Hospital X"
Please provide a detailed account that answers the following questions: 1) What injustice did you witness? 2) Where did/does the injustice occur? 3) How are you employed? (ex nurse, nurse administrator, nursing assistant) 4) How frequently have you witnessed/experienced this injustice? 5) Have you heard of the same injustice you have witnessed/experience occurring elsewhere in your hospital or area? Please note that accounts based solely on second-hand information (information you have heard from someone else) will not be considered for investigation.

A response will be given to inquiries in between 3-7 days.

If we choose to investigate, you may be contacted with more questions.