Non-Verbal Communication- Necessary for Patient Healing?

Non-verbal communication has been mentioned in literature, including the Bible, for centuries. The importance of touch in the healthcare extends beyond bandage changes-- the hands, it seems, are the gateways to the soul.


Written by a former-patient-turned-medical-sociologist and a trauma nurse, this article explores patient experience and nurse methodology. 

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Hundreds of Syrians have entered Israel-- for healthcare

S. Eisenberg and J. Benbenishty 

Since 2012, Israel has established a system to care for Syrian refugees who make it to the border. Often critically wounded, Israeli hospitals serves as a safe haven for patients to heal. Nurse S. Eisenberg describes how cultural and lingual boundaries can be easily navigated with kindness, communication, and simple meals in this powerful case study published in the International Nursing Review.

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S. Eisenberg, J. Benbenishty. "Milk and Rice." International Nursing Review 2013. 

NME 2015 Conference Position on Global Health

NME 2015 Conference Position on Global Health

n understanding the issues that face our communities globally today, we, as nurses, recognize that we are the Leaders, the Educators and the Caregivers not only to our local communities, but to the world.   By aligning ourselves with the UN Millennium Goals, we recognize the challenges and opportunities that face us in our society today.  And it is our hope that through education, leadership and communication that we can transcend the barriers that are presented to us to create a healing environment locally, nationally and internationally.